Cerati-Inspired Album Covers

Art / Art direction / poster / Print

This project is inspired by six Gustavo Cerati’s albums as a solist. We wanted to recreate his universe, taking as a reference visual elements present in his work; looking for inspiration in the covers of his albums, his video clips, the scenography of his concerts or in his photographs.

Each letter or sheet represents the microworld created by Gustavo and all the professionals who accompanied him in the creation of unique stories, stories that we can see and hear (musicians, designers, photographers, art directors, filmmakers, styling or makeup, among others. artists).

Gustavo’s music is endless. As big fans, we have made this small tribute to a great one who is not with us today. Although his music continues to embrace us, even in these strange days of pandemic.

¡Gracias totales Gustavo!

We are finishing a small printing of 75 copies for fan friends and especially for those who collaborated with him.

The package contains: 6 sheets, high quality digital printing Extraprint paper – Splendorgel – (300 g.), Measures: 14.3 x 17.5 cm.

P.S. The purpose of this project is to make a small tribute, non-profit or commercial. Its commercial use is not authorized.

Thanks for your incredible work: Gabriela Malerba, Alejandro Ros, Gaby Herbstein, Oscar (Roho), Sofía Temperley, Urko Suaya, Eloisa Ballivián, Pablo Ramirez, Marcelo Ríos, Sofía Alvarez Uriburu, DDC, Diego Gravinese, Ezequiel de San Pablo, Nora Lezano, Sebastián Arpesella, Sofía Medrano, Jazmín Calcarami, Santiago Contreras, Germán Saez, Rock Instrument Bureau, Manuel Morales – GC, Nico Hardy, Gisela Filc, Eduardo Bergallo, Andrea Alvarez, Adrián taverna, Leandro Fresco, Fernando Nale, Flavio Etcheto, Lea García, Tweety Gonzalez, Zeta Bosio, Richard Coleman, Pedro Moscuzza.

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