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Pipo & Astutto
10 December 2012

Voice Over is the last of the brothers’ films scripted Luiso Rosete Bermejo. 3 characters in extreme situations see their life fades and doom is coming closer. The Rosete came with a careful design of Jorge Lawerta intended to capture on canvas and on paper the poster of this fantastic short (recently nominated for the Goya Awards 2013 in the category of Best Short Film).

And we got to it, based on kraft paper of 360 gr and 2 colors mixed for the occasion, we stamp a series of 40 numbered and signed and step 20 shirts that would serve as a showcase to pick when their numerous awards .

We have been delighted with the result and hope that our work will contribute little to further magnify this great work. That is the question that, in shooting and non-stop, without waiting until you are three minutes of life.



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The soul’s fingerprint

Editorial / Pipo & Astutto
9 December 2012

Writing is a bit like stealing some time lost, leaving a minimal footprint and even feed that monster called tocapelotas little ego. I have been practicing local chronicle editor in Impartial Observer for more than 30 years and my little column has been kept unchanged along this path. Now, with the advent of digital ink and this does not smell or sprinkle, the Impartial is going to hell, and I with him. So this is my plan B, continue giving the key without hands dirty.

My name is Panfilo Castaldi and, under the editorship of Pipo & Astutto, I’ll tell exciting milestones in local history, events that would not be counted into oblivion, and numerous feats inconsequential trivia. Let the games begin and why men bite the dogs!

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