Art direction / Editorial / Print

Mother is a photographic book about the city of Calcutta,l interviews to Mother Teresa and a visual journey to the places where she achieved so much goodness for the country. The author, Mario Pedestá, is a photographer, journalist and war correspondent. He has been travelling around the world for the last thirty years while capturing the worst humanitarian catastrophes with his camera. During his career as a journalist, he interviewed many great personalities like Indira Gandhi, Ali, Nixon, BorgesSalvador Dalí.

This book explores these two confronted ideas. It is about the chaos of Calcutta, its people, its misery, its ordinary life, its missionaries…When editing this book, Mario used to say: “There is a great difference between looking and seeing, and that difference translates to commitment. It was a real pleasure and a truthful honor to make the art direction and edit this intimate and astonishing work.

Sadly, Mario died in an accident while he was covering Iraq’s war. On April 14th 2003,we edited this book by the end of 2003 in commemoration to his 30-year career as journalist and independent photographer.

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