Art / Art direction / Branding / Print

Throughout several weeks, Alchemy became the National Factory of Currency and Stamps for the Sovereign State of Hautôvia. This is a micronation created by the platform Truthbehind404 who is staking its claim on a plot of land with more than 80,000 square meters, an “island” that has emerged out of urban speculation and corruption. Currently, it is a piece of wasted land with no viable use, as it became isolated between the R-2 highway (bankrupt) and the expansion of an urban action plan in Valdebebas (illegal).

We designed and created the corporate image for this new state, in addition to printing passports, titles for Hatôvian academic accreditation, certificates of ambassadorship, stamps, postcards, flags and legal tender by experimenting with various techniques: foil stamping, microperforation, guilloche

César Pérez, its creator, continues fighting the legal battle for recognition of Hatôvia as a free nation, one that is open to the participation of its citizens and against economic interests. It is an artistic utopia in search of a president. FREE HAUTÔVIA!

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