The incredible journey

Art direction / Audiovisual / Editorial / Packaging / Print / Website

In February of 2011, tired of the crisis and the horrible work conditions in Spain, we decided to join forces and set up our own workshop as a creative duo. Our goal was to get to New York in order to develop ourselves personally and professionally, so we made a self-promoting piece that reflects the qualities we believe all good jobs should possess: defined creativity, fair turn-around times and an invested effort in the procedure; all of this following the “slow work” philosophy.

We never made it to America, nor do we know if we ever will. All we can say is that the journey is turning out to be a marvelous experience…


Direction and production: Pipo & Astutto
Director of Photography: Pedro Guimaraes
Stills photgrapher: Mayte Ramiro
Editing: Álvaro Giménez Sarmiento
Montaje y Motion Graphics: Mariano Rivas
Sound Editing: Beltrán Rengifo
Producers: Mirco Lucaroni, Virginia Ramírez
y Fernando Pato Shon
Translator: Elizabeth Peters
Music: El Desván del Duende and Cíngaro Drom


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