Whew! Time flies when you are having fun. We can’t believe we’ve already spent more than 10 years working in graphic design, communication, advertising and thousands of other things – love, hate, fear – all of which we happily (and even sometimes unhappily) accomplished. Nevertheless, we never would have gotten here if it hadn’t been for all of them.

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· Cultural and artistic communication projects.
· Art direction in advertising.
· Art direction and editorial design.

Noe Mendoza Cuevas

Pipo Arnaldo de Mendoza

Art director, graphic designer and whatever is yet to come. I’ve spent a number of years doing somersaults part-time and dreaming in overtime. After studying advertising and public relations in Salamanca, I worked for several national and international agencies (McCann Erickson, BtoB, Versus, JWT, Arnold Fuel, CP, Kastner & Partners, etc.) and for clients big and small (Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Santander, Endesa, Acciona, Renfe, Amnistía International, etc.). Later, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, I left the agency world and started doing freelance work, taking on a variety of projects and learning from each one of them. On my own, I’ve worked as an art director for television (Intereconomía), carried out (print projects) for film (for the El Toro Pictures production company at Lope and Tadeo Jones), for advertising (Norman Partners, Be Republic), publishing (the Quiñones Foundation), internet and music (El Desván del Duende) while I gave art classes like silk-screening, printing, engraving, binding, modeling, typography, etc. Ah! And with each passing year, I’ve been buying heavier and heavier machines. My past no longer fits into a backpack – I now need several sherpas.

Pablo Correa Wentlant

Astutto Strap

Art director and graphic designer. I began this crazy journey in Argentina, at the University of Buenos Aires, U.B.A. Later, I worked in different sectors of graphic design and advertising. Editorial: TyCSports in the Art Department, web design and digital content: Farenheit 451, La Nación online, El Cronista, Intermanagers, Virtualtrip. My last years in Buenos Aires were marked by “El corralito”, university teaching (Professor Wolkowicz) and a desire to work for myself. The projects Madre and Tierra Prometida (“Mother” and “Promised Land”) by the photographer and journalist Mario Podestá brought me to Madrid with the aim of finishing the book (Publisher: La esfera de los libros). With “Just for you, designs from the heart”, (Publisher: Index Book Barcelona, 2009), I began to experiment again with edition and editorial design. At the Kaster & Partners agency, I helped “give wings” to a can: art direction, ATL, BTL and event communication: RB XFighters, RP Air Race, RBMA, RB Art of wake, etc. Some of the clients I have worked for are: Red Bull España, Portugal e Italia, Coronita, Wall Street Institute, Kamel Films, Real Madrid, Línea Directa, Casa & Jardín, and Verti Seguros.

Our clients... Havas Sports & Entertainment / Festival de cine PNR / Nomada Market / Red Bull / El Toro Pictures /Kamel Films / Amnistía Internacional / El Desván del Duende / Netthink / Kastner & Partners / Be Republic / Provetta / La Casa Estudio / Index Book / Fundación Fernando Quiñones / Ki+D / G2 Geometry

Press... El País / Galletas de Ante / Cosas Visuales / Top Secret Madrid / Grafica.info / A Desgana / Film Du / Exploramoto / Tago Art Work / Cafe Cult Brasil / Escuela TAI /

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