A new day begins in the plains of Madrid. After several attempts, the Vesponium finally starts up with Pipo & Astutto at the controls. Their plan is to embark on a long journey that will take them from Madrid to New York via Lisbon, accompanied by a film crew who will follow their every movement.

It’s an uncomplicated, leisurely story, something as simple as getting from A to B while in the meantime stopping to look out onto the horizon, talk to townspeople and discover the small things that make the journey all the more meaningful.

After several days full of adventures, encounters and mix-ups, old and new friends, Pipo & Astutto arrive at their first destination: Lisbon. Unfortunately, the sea went and got in their way and the Vesponium, sadly, still can't float. So there, while looking out onto the sea Pipo & Astutto will decide what their destiny will be, knowing that everything ends when you stop playing.