Pablo Correa Wentlant - (Astutto Strap)

Director / Producer. Art director and designer. From Buenos Aires to Madrid, Pablo has worked with film companies, design studios, advertising agencies and publishing companies for more than 10 years. He is currently working as an art director at Kaster & Partners in Madrid for Red Bull Spain and Portugal.

Noé Mendoza Cuevas - (Pipo Arnaldo de Mendoza)

Director / Producer. Art director and designer. He has worked for agencies like McCann Erickson, JWT, Arnold Fuel, CP, as well as in several other fields like publishing, film and TV. He is currently a freelance agent working on different projects and for different national and international clients.

Pedro Guimarães

A freelance photographer based in Copenhagen, Porto and London whose work has been published in a large number of publishing houses. He has received awards in exhibitions such as Photoespaña 2008, Creative Lab Unicer Lisbon 2007, Renconres d'Arles in 2003 (FNAC award), among many others.

Mayte Ramiro

Snapshot and en route production. A freelance photographer with expertise in the fields of fashion and advertising. She has collaborated on several issues of the Avenue Illustrated magazine and has covered reports on international events in places like Jordan, Syria, Dubai and St. Petersburg.

Mariano Rivas

Motionographer. He works as a freelance agent in different fields such as editing, animation, composition and motion graphics for businesses and advertising agencies in Madrid and Argentina.

Álvaro Giménez Sarmiento

Editor. Álvaro has been intensely engaged in the audiovisual field for many years which has led him to direct the short films “Pernocta” (2003) and “Luminaria” (2004), in addition to collaborating with numerous audiovisual production companies and developing artistic and experimental projects. He is currently working with the Malvalanda production company and developing his own audiovisual project called “Dufuga”.

Beltrán Rengifo

Beltrán is an editor and sound designer who is incredibly restless with respect to music composition and production. He is settled in Madrid and in contact with Granada, and currently giving life to the project. He regularly collaborates with on the production of documentaries (Goya Corto Documental 2010) and, in addition, is editor and sound mixer for MTV Spain.

Mirco Lucaroni

Planner and producer. He is currently working as a planner for Young&Rubicam and has previously worked as an art director and planner for McCann Erickson, Draft FCB, Thema, and Italfood serving clients like Mini, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Mapfre and the Santander Bank. He is in charge of the technical and strategic planning of the journey.

Virginia Ramírez

Producer. A professional publicist and developing artist. She has worked in production for Red Bull during 4 intense years at all of the festivals in Spain. She currently combines her work as the person in charge of marketing for different fields like automobiles and software with her artistic work (origami).

Fernando Pato Söhn

Collaborator. A multimedia and graphic designer for the Motor Press Iberia group. He is responsible for media relations a posteriori and project launching.

El Desván del Duende

Soundtrack. An Extremaduran music group that formed in 2004 and has released 3 CDs (Demo, Eres Buena Gente, Increíble pero cierto) and performed more than 1,000 concerts. Their music is a fusion of different styles including Rumba and Flemish and they have made appearances on TVE, El Larguero, Metrorock, WOMAD, Pirineos Sur, etc. They are in charge of the soundtrack and musical arrangements for the film.

Elisabeth Peters

Translator. She has completed master’s degrees Spanish Philology and Translation, Interpretation and Intercultural Communication. She is currently working in Madrid as an English teacher and freelance translator of a wide variety of texts. That’s why we have chosen Betty to serve all of our official translating needs (and she’s our best English teacher).

Cíngaro Drom - The Gypsy’s Hymn

Our musical farewell party. They are not the Balkans, but they move to their own rhythm. Cíngaro Drom rock the street with their mastery of music from eastern Europe.


Marta Gorjón

Community manager. Bachelor of Arts in advertising and public relations.Online communications specialist. She is a freelance graphic and web designer who has worked in Madrid and Gijón. She is passionate about the Internet, new technologies and social networks.

Juan Valenzuela / Natalia Martínez

Editing consultants. They provided us the guidelines that helped bring all of this to fruition.