In such a fast-moving world, one full of supersonic airplanes and meetings at airports, we wanted to go back to a simple way of life. Something as easy as getting from A to B; something we do every day. The only thing is that if you only look straight ahead, you'll miss that small glimmer of sun reflected by the gasoline in puddles.

This project was born out of the need to widen our professional and personal horizons.
Pipo & Astutto are the alter egos of Pablo Correa Wentlant and Noé Mendoza Cuevas. We are two art directors wanting to promote our work and what a better way to do so than through an audiovisual medium. What began as a simple, unpretentious idea turned into a documentary about that imaginary journey which only existed in our heads and, in the end, became reality. From the initial preparations which led us through English classes and testing out the sidecar, we were constantly faced with new situations that we solved little by little, all the while thinking about the overall image and, above all, enjoying every moment in our own way. We have personally experienced the problems involved in shooting a film, but also the satisfaction that it brings; from coordinating a team of people (all of them collaborators) to the financial, logistic and design problems - and always as guinea pigs. This is an ordinary and real-life story of a nonsensical journey to nowhere.